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Mentorships & Talks

Cheyenne has a passion for mentoring students who wish to break into the Animation Industry or who have a desire to create and develop stories. She has mentored at The School of Visual Arts in New York and has joined mentorship panels that include Netflix, Disney Television Animation and more. 


Along with mentoring, Cheyenne has done multiple talks at CTN EXPO,  Disney Television Animation, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Titmouse etc. and at schools such as The California Institute of the Arts and Loyola Marymount University. Cheyenne's talks revolve around  Storyboarding, Character Design, Show Development/Pitching, and discussing Mental Health for Artists. 

Cheyenne is currently not doing personal mentorships, but If your school or organization would like to consider Cheyenne as a mentor or for a talk please reach out to her personal email:

LMU Animation Club: Self-Care Workshop for Animators 

In March 2023, Cheyenne alongside her industry peer Ashlyn Anstee and Therapist Ariel Hirsch gave a presentation to Loyola Marymount University students about Mental Health and being an artist. 

We discussed topics that covered negative self talk, scarcity mindset, setting healthy boundaries, how to access a Therapist and more. 

Mental Health is an extremely important topic for Cheyenne and helping demystify what therapy is and having vulnerable, honest and healthy conversations about it can change lives.

Titmouse Foundation: Future Directors Mentor at 


Cheyenne was a Storyboard Mentor for eight chosen candidates for the Future Directors Scholarship in 2023.

In weekly live online sessions, she would meet with and review the artists personal storyboards and do draw overs and notes with them while explaining her thought process. She also answered Industry questions and gave more in depth Storyboard notes with a specific TV Directors eye to help them build a strong portfolio. 


SVA MFA Visual Narrative Mentor - 2022-2023

Cheyenne was chosen to work one on one with a student from the MFA Visual Narrative Program for the Winter and Spring semesters with guidance from the MFAVN Chair Nathan Fox.

Cheyenne met with her mentee to discuss each stage of their thesis project from outline, scripts, character designs, storyboards, animatics and more. Cheyenne also helped to answer questions and concerns about the Animation Industry and guided her mentee with portfolio tips, website construction and first steps to applying for a career in Animation


CalArts Character Animation Visiting Artists Presents "A Conversation About Mental Health for Artists"

Cheyenne worked closely with her good friend and professional Therapist Ariel Hirsch to make a thorough presentation on the importance of Mental Health for Artists. 

Mental Health is an extremely important topic for Cheyenne and helping demystify what therapy is and having vulnerable, honest and healthy conversations about it can change lives.  

In this talk we discussed specific topics about struggling with negative self talk, insecurities, healthy work habits, boundaries and much more.

Keyframe Magazine: Member Monday

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 1.16.31 AM.png

Cheyenne was interviewed for Keyframe Magazine about being a union member in The Animation Guild and what it means for her and her career.

Inklusion Comics

Cheyenne was invited to do a live-stream discussion about the importance of inclusion, diversity, and representation in the Animation Industry from her general perspective and personal experiences.



Creative Block Podcast Interview

Hosted by Animation Artists Gene Goldstein and Vee Briat, Cheyenne was asked to talk about her journey and personal views on the Animation Industry while also drawing prompts requested from fans.

Netflix Animation Foundations Program Special Speaker

Hosted by Lynn Wang and Netflix Animation, Cheyenne was asked to join Lynn's Mentorship group sessions and give a presentation about the Storyboarding process; from thumbnails to final cleanup. 

Cheyenne also answered questions about the Animation Industry and discussed her own personal journey into starting her career and changing paths. 

Disney Television Animation Academy Presents: 'Capturing Humor in Boarding and Design'

Cheyenne and her former Storyboard partner on Amphibia gave a hilarious presentation on capturing humor in Storyboarding and Design at Disney TVA.

This hour long presentation had examples of Cheyenne's funniest moments in her career from script to storyoard to design, and discussed what makes a scene and design funny to an audience. 

Disney Television Animation
Presents: Afternoons at CTN / Design & Color Roundtable

During CTN Expo in Burbank, Cheyenne was invited to an hour long talk on a Disney Television Animation panel with Bobby Pontillas about Design and Color.

Cheyenne gave her unique perspective on design and color in her own work and in her professional work, and discussed what made her own artwork come to life and why. 

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